I would like my students to spend part of my class’ trading period practicing. Can their accounts be reset at the end of the practice session?

While we can reset student accounts at a professor’s request, this method is not the most practical way to get your students to practice. The reset process takes time, especially if a request is made in the middle of the school semester, which is our busiest time for support issues. Furthermore, the trades made on an account are not reset, so this method of practicing can also leave your particularly enthusiastic students with no trades left for the real class. We strongly encourage you to get your students to use their free “-FUN” practice accounts which they receive when registering for your class. These are accessible the moment your students register, and remain open for at least 6 months regardless of when your class begins and ends. We created these accounts so students could learn how to use Stock-Trak and try out new trading ideas without impacting their class performance.

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